Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the power of a supercomputer to the personal computer level. We do it by offering a personal computer cluster solution which is comparable in size with a regular workstation, flexible in configuration, affordable for professionals and suitable for office environment.

We want to make computing power that a personal computer cluster can provide available for those professionals – like engineers, scientists, code developers, digital artists – who have reached the limit of their single-motherboard workstations and aim for higher computing performance and more flexibility but do not want to invest in a rack-mount supercomputer.

We love big supercomputers, by the way. These machines are extremely powerful and as such they can perform the most challenging engineering and scientific calculations in such a short time which was unthinkable in a couple of years ago.

But these are expensive too and take a lot of space. Built from specialized hardware, they could be quite noisy and depending on their performance they could produce immense amount of heat. So they must be locked away in a climatized room somewhere in the basement.

Our Vision

Our vision of engineering and scientific calculations is in close connection with the rise of opensource software tools. Thanks to more and more open source codes in the field of engineering and many other sciences or image rendering, highly advanced computer programs are available for anybody who want to utilize their power.

Want to run more CFD simulations, FEA codes? Would like to render your Computer Generated Images, edit 4K streams? No problem but as a consequence you need more and more computing power to complete the job in a reasonable time. We believe the answer is a supercomputer for your personal use.

Our Background

We come from the world of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. As the businees had grown we felt we badly needed to increase our computing power and started thinking about buying a supercomputer.

We also felt the enthusiasm spiced up with a kind of Do-it-Yourself mentality and asked ourselves: what if we build a small supercomputer (which is a cluster computer made of just a few units, not hundreds) on our own? We worked with computers every day, and we were an engineering company. It would be fun!

When we started we named it the “Deskside Cluster Project” internally but it turned out it was way too difficult to pronounce that every time we were talking about it. So it became the DEXTER Project.

And here it is now as a product you can have from us to face the challenges of increasing engineering computing needs.


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