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DEXTER Personal Supercomputers to meet your individual computing needs

Our Personal Supercomputers provide flexibility in usage, bespoke configurations and the joint power of four workstation class computers

A DEXTER personal supercomputer is based on a patented casing that houses and connects four powerful single-processor computers which add up a computer cluster with 16, 24, 32 or 40 CPU cores as base configurations. Since we use many top quality standard computer components, a DEXTER cluster is an affordable and easy to customise solution to fit your individual computing needs. They are engineered to take floor space comparable with a regular workstation computer, easy to fit under or beside your office desk and they are quiet, even at full thrust.

It is a Supercomputer,

because it is made of powerful computers connected by a high-speed network. With other words we can also call it a computer cluster. These computers can work together and their joint computing power can get you the speed and performance you need to run your high-tech software applications faster. In each DEXTER personal supercomputer there are four complete computers – including the motherboard, processor, memory, hard drives, even graphics card if you wish and power unit – connected by a high-speed LAN switch. All built into a single, functional casing.

Since these computers (we can also call them nodes) have their own everything a computer needs to work, you can decide whether to have the power of all four or just switch on one or two, depending on what you would like to do.

Again, since they are four connected individual computers, you can decide if you want the same operating system on all of them, or install Ubuntu Linux on two and Suse Linux on the other two. This provides flexibility and efficiency because you can simultaneously use the best platforms for your applications.

It is Personal,

because it is a small supercomputer. It has only four computers in a single casing, not 100’s or 1000’s in a huge rack in a separate building. It is personal because the patented computer casing that contains the four computers is small enough to be placed by or under your office desk. The casing is engineered to provide sufficient cooling for all components plus it is quiet like a desktop computer. These features make it ideal for professional use in engineering offices, for code development or for CGI and video editing.



General Features

  • Patented DEXTER personal cluster casing carefully engineered and optimized to have minimal floor footprint and to provide sufficient cooling of components
  • Casing outer dimensions: 350mm x 495.5mm/546.5mm x 650mm (W x H without/with casters x D)
  • Four computers (nodes) in a single case, each having a standard ATX or mATX-size motherboard
  • CPU cores from 16 to 40 (from 32 to 80 threads) altogether. Base configurations use overclockable Intel Core i7 and Core i9 CPUs, one CPU on each motherboard
  • CPU cooler with Ø92 – Ø120mm cooling fan (depending on CPU type), max. 160W cooling power for each CPU
  • Full access to Master node I/O ports on casing back panel
  • Each node can take a full size (260mm long x 132mm wide) PCI express x16 graphics card
  • 12 hard drive positions: 2 x 3.5” or 2.5” positions and 10 x 2.5” only positions. Any node can utilize any of the 12 positions
  • Each node has its own power supply built into the casing
  • 8-port Gigabit LAN switch built into the casing. Full access to all 8 ports on casing back panel. Its power is supplied by the Master node power supply unit or by its original 12V adapter


Bespoke Personal Supercomputer

We are proud to provide a hardware system that can be individually configured on request. Intel Xeon or AMD CPU-s can be mounted to the single-CPU motherboards of each computer node to fit your needs. As long as Thermal Design Power (TDP) of the processor is below 160W, it will be fine. We also need to keep DEXTER general features in mind.

For more detailed information on component types and brands Base configurations are made of and on options how a DEXTER Personal Computer Cluster can be tailored to your specific needs, download the DEXTER Hardware Components List below.

 Your data are safe with us. We use them to send you the hardware resources list and to occasionally let you know if there is news on DEXTER Personal Computer Clusters. You can opt out anytime you wish.


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