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DEXTER Personal Clusters

To understand what a Personal Computer Cluster is, at first we would like to give some insight on what the word “cluster” means. In general a cluster is made of things which are basically identical and connected to each other to work together. In the computer world a cluster means several computers connected by a network to make these individual computers work together. As a result the user could get more computing speed and performance out of the system as a whole.

Derived from this, a Personal Computer Cluster is made of a few individual computers connected by a high-speed network so that they can work together. The whole system is put in a single box which is small enough to be placed by your office desk.

Features & Benefits

In order to mount four engineering workstations into a single case that would fit under or beside a standard office desk we designed and optimized our DEXTER personal computer cluster case in terms of component arrangement and thermal management.

We used our fluid dynamics expertise to squeeze significant computing power into it while keeping heat and noise at low levels. We used large diameter CPU cooling fans and sophisticated Power Supply units to maximize heat removal performance and to make it suitable for office environment.

General Features of a DEXTER Personal Cluster:

  • Patented DEXTER personal cluster case carefully engineered and optimized to have small floor footprint and to provide sufficient cooling of components.
  • Case outer dimensions: 350mm x 650mm x 495.5mm/546.5mm (W x D x H without/with casters).
  • Four computers (nodes) in a single case, each having a standard ATX or mATX-size motherboard.
  • CPU cooler with Ø120mm cooling fan, 160W maximum cooling power for each CPU.
  • Full access to Master node I/O ports on case back panel.
  • Each node can take a full size (260mm long x 132mm wide) PCI express x16 graphics card.
  • 12 hard drive positions: 2 x 3.5” or 2.5” positions and 10 x 2.5” only positions. Any node can utilize any of the 12 positions.
  • Each node has its own power supply built into the case.
  • 8-port Gigabit LAN switch built into the case. Its power is supplied by the Master node power supply unit or by its original adapter.

Check out DEXTER Personal Clusters under Products menu to find more technical deatils of base configurations.

Benefits of a DEXTER Personal Cluster:

Compared to a regular workstation (used for CAD, CAM, FEA, CGI, etc.)

  • Our DEXTER personal clusters provide the computing power of four single-CPU workstations. You have the CPU, memory, hard drives, graphics card of four computers placed in a single computer case, connected by a high-speed network.
  • Calculation speed is not restricted by the limitations (caused by shared motherboard resources) which a workstation with multiple processors on a single motherboard has.
  • In a DEXTER personal cluster these four computers can either work together as a small supercomputer, or independently. Each of the four computers could run a different operating system at the same time. You may run applications on two computers with Suse Linux, one with Ubuntu Linux and one with Windows at the same time.
  • A DEXTER personal cluster does not take significantly more office floor space than a regular high-performance personal computer.

Compared to a rackmount supercomputer

  • A DEXTER personal cluster does not need a special (air conditioned, noise insulated) environment.
  • A DEXTER personal cluster uses many standard computer components which are easy to upgrade if needed.
  • It is easy to relocate. It has four casters, just unplug it from mains and LAN and it is ready to roll to a new place.

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